The pre-responsive site

My relationship with the Redick Group began as an experiment in code-writing. I spoke with Jared about creating a new website for him so that he could move away from the bland, templated look of his existing site and really begin presenting himself as an expert in the field.

The Résumé Studio has a whole new look and feel, thanks to Quinton Design Studio.
— Jared Redick

Jared's most important brand aspect is his own personality. The home page of the design communicates simultaneously his expertise, (books in which his work has been featured) and services while offering up samples, and the general feeling of professionalism, trust, and warmth he wanted to communicate. The Golden Gate Bridge serves to identify his location and acts a symbol of transition from one phase of one’s career to another.

This site was coded "by hand" with HTML and CSS before CMS were readily available and smart phones and tablets had yet to overtake computers for web searches. To display pop-out versions of his resume samples, I borrowed open source code found online. 



The first logo

Before we could build an effective website, he needed a logo and an identity for his business. We started with a discussion of his love for the Evernote web app, which influenced the font choice: Caecelia. We kept to a text/tagline only design as any writing symbols seemed outdated.



Provided to the client in Word templates and PDFs as needed for printing in-house or professionally.


Modernizing and adapting

As his business grew and the use of devices for viewing websites became the norm rather than the exception, I redeveloped the site using the SquareSpace platform. I've customized a simple template by manipulating the CSS to echo the feel of the original site, bringing it up to current style trends with a hero image and white space.


An on-brand logo for a new direction

Based on his success as a career-transition coach, Mr. Redick decided to create an umbrella brand for all of his endeavors. 


The next phase

Based on the brand we’ve already built for him, I designed a larger, more comprehensive website where he could link his social media efforts, product sales, blogging, and business services together. I designed the appearance and structure of the site and worked with a third consultant, a web developer specializing in the WordPress platform and SEO. As we transitioned to a larger audience and reach, we incorporated other famous bridges, but again echoed's modern style, with the hero image/three selections.


*still in development; site is live but invisible to search engines at the request of the client*

The workbook: more than a PDF

Jared's work is often regarded as an inflection point for many of his clients. In this workbook, I extended the font and color scheme from his brand but instead of a bridge to symbolize transition, I drew a literal depiction of an inflection point. 

The workbook is a downloadable, fully interactive PDF with links to important websites, page transitions, and embedded Excel templates. I also provided copyediting as needed. 

*product was developed for and recommended to graduate students throughout the University of California system*